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    When do you start running your dogs?

    started running my wire about a month ago. getting him acclimated to the heat, access to 600 acres of tall grass!
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    Crop progress

    looks like a big swath of rain over SD this morning. too late for the corn and soybeans, but will sure help replunish the subsoil moisture levels.
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    16 shells

    i used to have a 20 ga. Rem 1100 with a dog turd on it. many years ago.
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    Mott area for late season phesants

    about like SD, pay up.
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    Versatile Game Vest

    i got a couple, what i call standard vests, a few years back. took them to a shoe repair guy and had him customize them with 2 water bottle pockets, one on each side, on the back corner(s)of the vest. i can now comfortably carry 2 liters (tall plastic one litter water bottles) of water for me...
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    The smell of fall

    you never know, they all mature at different times, always be patient.
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    The smell of fall

    we had one cool afternoon (so far) , right after a shower blew through. running my dog as usual, so nice he took a long cut on the way back to or gate.
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    Birds here for the unselfish.

    if there is one thing i have learned, the reports here are what someone sees when he looks out the window or drives 10 miles to his farm ground or neighbors house. one grain of salt please. drought years are usually much worse than a little extra rain.
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    Storm in northern SD

    as dry as it is, i bet they would take Ida!!
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    Kansan Needs Advice

    i would guess everything and i mean everything is likely been hayed, even dried up cattails. someone local could verify conditions. no ditch hunting allowed in ND either.
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    CRP May Be Hayed or Grazed

    this! big difference if the whole state was dry all year and it was not!
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    Emergency haying.

    agree, the competition, just to find a place to hunt is going to be horrific, especially opening weekend. i was going to come, but now i think i will pass. Walking over guys is not worth it.
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    Emergency haying.

    i think part of the beef is now with the $25 habitat stamp too. i doubt any thing was added except that money went into someone's pocket .
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    CRP May Be Hayed or Grazed

    there is/was over 1 million aces designated to have CRP contracts expired this year, 2021. obviously not all of this ground was in the WI program, but a lot of it was. that ground is gone, back into production. those acres left are subject to emergency grazing, which seems to happen ever year...
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    Opener Etiquette

    with the pressure of opening day and all the ground likely to be hayed, this opener might not be worth the hassle. better to wait a few days.
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    CRP May Be Hayed or Grazed

    will that's bullshit! they pay these guys and then they ignore their compliance. guess i don't need to buy a license either.
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    Birds here for the unselfish.

    1 or 2 birds a day will be average, lack of habitat will be a bitch! i might make one trip up. we'll see.
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    Fall Numbers

    figured emergency haying was going to knock hell outa things. there may be a few quail.
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    "SD IS ENJOYING INCREASED PHEASANT ABUNDANCE!" (blaze orange, all caps, large font, GFP website...)

    anytime you lose transparency, honesty is compromised.
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    A morning that makes it worth doing.

    lots of complexities when farming for profit and for wildlife. good read!