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    Dogs in a Topper

    There is 6 to 8 inches above and it fits between the fender wells
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    Dogs in a Topper

    This is my three dog in a 6.5 Chevy bed with an aluminum capper that is cab height. Hope this helps
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    Dogs in a Topper

    Keep them fresher, when you hunt for a week
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    Dogs in a Topper

    Matto I am guessing it would fit, I will take a picture later and post
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    Dogs in a Topper

    Matto give the guy a call he was great to deal with. He works full time and has started this business on the side. At least when I got mine it was kind of a one man show.
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    Dogs in a Topper

    Checkout canine cargo carriers at www.getmypoint, gives you three holes to put dogs in and if push the unit to the back of bed,, you can get another plastic crate to fit side ways at the gate. I have the three hole and love it. I also have a homemade slide in that I slide in an put the...
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    Best laces knot

    Have same problem with certain boots. I usually just either tie a double bow with the rabbit ears or start like i am going to tie a bow knot but instead of making the rabbit ears i just make the same over hand knot twice if laces arent to long.
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    The Flush

    Awesome story, did a similar thing in a special place in SD. I check it every year as we hunt the spot. Her picture and the empty shotgun shells that contained her ashes are still there. Brings a new tear every time. Our dogs are everything.
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    Lost Sportdog Transmitter

    "Try calling Sportdog. Many years ago, I lost mine, the snap was weak and somehow became detacted on one of my first outings. They sent me a new one...used a "key ring" to secure it after that." They did the same for me and i did the same fix.
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    Advice for choke being stuck

    My sons was stuck in his Browning, buddy had a choke wrench with a 3/8s like square hole in the center. I think he said it was for a Remington. Used a 3/8s drive air impact came out easy, the jarring effect.
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    Wish I knew it then

    To expand on cover within cover, in the afternoon in creeks/slews look for areas where the edge is lower leading to field edge. The birds like the path of least resistance to walk up and feed. Birds will usually be within 20 feet of cover or 10 feet into cover.
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    Hunting in three states in one day! Can I do it?

    You may want to consider being possession of that many birds. I know you can not fish both the ohio side and michigan side of lake erie in the same day and secure a limit in both. Your are restricted to the possession limit for your port of call. I have hunted in Iowa and than went to S Dak on...
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    Needs some ducks in it but otherwise thats a keeper
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    Elastic shotshell loops

    Could buy a neoprene shell belt and cut to fit
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    Dog price questions

    I am currently preparing a Golden for breeding. The required testing to ensure a quality dog for someone to purchase, atleast if you care about such things is extensive. Extensive is not cheap. Than the training to show its trainability comes at price. Trainers and hunt tests both AKC or UKC...
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    Question on an SD-1875 collar

    How old is the unit? Had an older 1875 lose range, and eventually stop working while other functions seemed to work. After so long, SD does not support the unit but will usually sweeten the deal on a new one.
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    pheasant on the grill

    Pheasant nuggets choose your favorite fish batter and deep fry toss or dip your favorite sauce.
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    Filson pro guide strap vest

    Any body have an opinion. Just ordered one seems they no longer make them but there are some still around at various retailers. The price seemed high at 250 but the filson store in Eagan, MN still had one for sale at 165.
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    pf banquet

    Well the PF Banquet finally gave up a gun to this long time contributor. Won a 1187 20 gauge and my son won a duck hunt to local marsh. I guess they just have to continue holding it on my birthday for a little luck. Not sure I am going to keep it the supplier says he will give me credit for...
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    Federal PF Loads

    Is Federal still going to make the Pheasant Forever loads or are they throwing everything behind this Praire Storm stuff?