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    16 Ga Prairie Storm Price!

    at some point as the season gets closer..... that might be what a guy has to pay.
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    First night with new puppy

    Congrats on the pup. I cant say that Ive ever heard of an 8 week old pup eating a 30/20 food. I would move to a ProPlan puppy food and check the bag for quantity. Good luck
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    Into, I'm over 60, but love to hunt with my dog for those beautiful birds!

    Looks like your pup is counting on you to get out there too!
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    Info on Boots, and a few more things

    I cant help with your boit question but wish you well. My wife has 3 stimulators so far to try to help with chronic pain. Its life changing, not in a positive way. Sure hope you get out to chase these crazy birds!
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    Waiting is . . .

    has anyone received their SD Pheasant Hunting Packet yet?
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    Oh good God, PF

    Still dont have my calendar
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    Welcome to upland group therapy!
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    Uninsulated Danner Pronghorns For Early Season...

    Ive worn Pronghorns for many years and like them a lot. They fit my feet well but everyones hooves are different.
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    Downsized Vehicle

    What is considered very good mpg in your world?
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    "SD IS ENJOYING INCREASED PHEASANT ABUNDANCE!" (blaze orange, all caps, large font, GFP website...)

    I ordered my pheasant hunting packet a few days ago… The itch is getting bad.. I know you danny downers will poopoo it. I’ll take anything I can get my hands on this time of year!
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    Truck Bed / Camping Van / Hunting Rig Set-Ups

    Theres a million plans and videos on the net for drawer systems. I know because Ive watched them all, just too lazy to upgrade my current set up. It works ok..
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    Irish Upland Supply Company?

    Pretty sure you need one of of those knee length man dresses…. Whats it called??
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    Worse year ever

    That sucks brother. Sorry to hear
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    Looks like most areas should get at least some rain this morning..hope it helps somewhat
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    New to forum

    I was lucky enough to shoot one around 2008 in the NE part of the state. I guess what we’re seeing is that its a complete unexpected bonus if you take one. Dont plan a trip around them
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    Hello from Iowa!

    Good to have you around. Lots of guys starting to get the itch! Ive got a Springer and a young Golden. See ya in the fields.
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    Dove Hunting - Is it a thing?

    Congrats on getting out of IL!!
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    Dog’s feet

    I think part of it is a dogs hunting style. My Goldens dont seem to have many issues but my Springer does. She bounces left and right and is a manic in the field.
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    Looks like some nice rains came thru the eastern part of the state?
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    Im from IL. I’d be careful of complaining about your governors. 4 of the last 7 of ours have gone to prison iirc.