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    Chamberlain area

    Heading to the Chamberlain area from St. Louis next Saturday to do some pheasant hunting. Just wanted to check to see how thing look in that area! Is there still lots of crops in the field or have most of them been taken out? Heading out with my dad and my buddy who’s retiring from the...
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    Gopro or other action camera

    I’m heading to South Dakota in a few weeks and I’m borrowing a buddies GoPro hero 6 and want to attach it to my GSP. Has anyone one here done this and what attachment/harness did you use? If I like it I will buy my own camera for next year any suggestions on cameras or just stick with GoPro. I...
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    Heading to SD near Mitchell

    Myself and a buddy with 3 dog are heading to the Mitchell area. I was wondering how the hunting is in that area? I am coming from Missouri and my buddy from Nebraska. Hope we do good. Long drive if its no good.
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    St Louis are roosters

    Yes I am just looking to find some hunting around the St Louis area I live in Wentzville. I grew up hunting pheasants a quail in Nebraska. I would love to find some good hunting down here can any one help. I was thinkin of going to Whiteside for some quail. Any imputs would be great thanks
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    MO rooster hunting

    Yes I moved to the St Louis area from Nebraska and I am a huge pheasant hunter. I was wondering if anyone new of some places around the st Louis area for pheasant and quail. If anyone could please help that would be great.