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    No I have not seen a chick yet. I am in the hardest hit area in the state.
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    The other day I saw two hens with a rooster. I am not sure what that means but I wonder if it means they are starting over.
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    Cold rain

    Yes Zeb there has not been any dew the last several days. It is hard to be encouraged But we are one day closer to our next good rain.
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    Wondering about additional calories during hunting season

    When my dog was hunting hard day after day I would add some liver to his diet. Because I am in the beef business it was easy for me and inexpensive.
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    food plots

    When I plant food plots I like a lot of diversity so there is something for many different species. I like white proso millet, white milo, sunflowers and a tall sorghum so the birds fly a little higher.
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    Albino pheasant?

    I once saw a group of chicks that had two white ones. Never saw them as adults. They stuck out so I assume they were at higher risk.
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    You hit it on the head. Dry is a relative term, a little dry is OK but a drought can be devastating. I remember my dad finding a dead hen sitting on a best in 1988, the worst drought of my lifetime.
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    Tell me this isn't smokin' hot

    A friend of mine has a prescription for Ivermectin. So some one must have approved it.
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    Tell me this isn't smokin' hot

    Well I don't want to see full on flaming, we have too much of that. What I want to see is gentlemen discussing subjects that they may disagree on but can make their point and listen to the others point also. Not very often will anyone change the others mind but everyone can be heard. As for...
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    Tell me this isn't smokin' hot

    We have a small group of people here that have a little something in common in that we all like pheasant hunting and even this group has to get divided and start name calling and insulting each other. How are we ever going to get this country back going the same direction? To quote the great...
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    Tell me this isn't smokin' hot

    The point I am trying to make is where I live, in South Dakota the average 7 day case is zero so there has not been a case in my county in at least 7 days probably more so I don't think I have that much to worry about. I am a rancher I am by myself a lot, my closest neighbor is over a mile...
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    Tell me this isn't smokin' hot

    Everyone has the right to make their own decisions based on their situation. My sister in law just about died from a reaction to her second vaccine shot. She went to the emergency room in Aberdeen and they flew her to Sioux Falls. She will live but may never be as good as she was prior to the...
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    Tell me this isn't smokin' hot

    The .003 is the percentage of the county population that has died.
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    Tell me this isn't smokin' hot

    I just checked the Covid stats for the county I live in. 12% of the population has had the virus. .003 have died. I don't know how that compares but that doesn't seem extreme. I personally can't think of anyone I know of that died from it.
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    Tell me this isn't smokin' hot

    As a resident of South Dakota I am supportive of her handling of the virus. I don't agree with her on everything but she has done the virus well. The super spreader event is the people crossing the southern border and being flown all over the country.
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    Predator (coyotes) question

    No, that has not happened yet. I imagine the guys dealing with wolves probably have seen that.
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    Predator (coyotes) question

    I do not know how many pheasants coyotes take but I have no use for them. As a cattleman I have seen plenty of coyote damage. We have a predator district that has shot as many as 711 coyotes in just our county in a couple of months. They put me out of the sheep business back in the 80s. I...
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    Neonictinoids in the news

    I don't know if you know Jonathon Lundgren of Blue Dasher Farm near Esteline. He has done a lot of research on this. He is a great recourse. You can get seed without it from Blue River Seed. It won't be GMO but that is a good thing too. From what I read it does not do any good,
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    What's the weather like where you are?

    Minus 28 northern South Dakota.
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    thank you for your kind words,

    thank you for your kind words,