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    single user clay pigeon thrower ?

    anyone have a recommendation for a portable clay pigeon thrower that one guy can both operate and be the shooter ? my rifle club deconstructed the MEC thrower that I had been using. Thanks !
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    Anyone interested in hunting Phillips County private land Nov. 12th thru 15th. ?

    Hi Guys, I am bummed that neither of the gentlemen I met on this site last year can get away to hunt during the week after opening weekend. Opening weekend is too crazy for me and as I'm retired now, I can get away during the work week. I am fortunate to have access to some nice private lands...
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    I have access to private land; Looking for a weekday hunting partner w/ dog(s).

    Greetings and Merry Christmas to all ! I am mostly a lurker on this site for a couple of years now. I have access to a good amount of pheasant acreage in Phillips County. I'm 70 y.o., retired and only willing to go during the work week - at least until late in the Season. I am in good shape...
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    How high does wild Pheasant fly on a typical flush

    Guys, I'm practicing my crossing shots on clay pigeons at my club on an adjustable trap. I was able to connect pretty well this morning on both left-to-right and right-to-left shots, which was kind of a rare morning for me. My question is: I am thinking most flushes from a wild rooster...
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    two shots on the same Rooster ?

    last season was my first hunting on wild Roosters in 15 years or so. I was pretty discouraged with how many birds I knocked down that could not be found, even with good bird dogs and other hunters helping with the search. That being said, I am thinking that this next season I will try and...
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    Hi All, I live in Colorado and hope to hunt birds in the fall .

    I no longer have my beloved Springer Spaniel and I miss hunting behind her very much. I have joined the forum in hopes of finding an outfitter / guide / lodge / other hunters somewhere that use Springers and I get the chance to hunt with those great little dogs again.