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    Since it has been a month without a post I guess I will start one by saying that I think this year is looking encouraging. There is a long way to go but I think it is better than last year at this point.
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    Hip waders

    I am looking for recommendations for hip waders. Not so much for hunting more for work so they need to be durable.
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    Snow again

    South Dakota is getting another blast of winter. We had at least a foot of snow at sundown with more on the way and 50 MPH winds on the way.
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    I saw a you tube video about a Surrogator. Does anyone have any knowledge if they work?
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    Thoughts on upcoming season

    I am sitting here in a blizzard and we have not had a killing freeze yet. This has been a very strange and tough year for South Dakota people in agriculture. Starting late in January we have had the toughest winter since 1997. It did not quit when it should have so everything was a month...
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    Moisture in South Dakota

    We are having a wet March. Snow, rain, freezing rain, fog, nothing that will hurt pheasants but will give us some needed moisture.
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    controlled burn

    Well it has been too quiet on here so maybe this will change that. As I understand the story the South Dakota GFP had a controlled burn in Mcpherson county today. Also today as we are in a very dry situation there was a long line of trucks and trailers at the sale barn as cattlemen are...
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    College football

    South Dakota State University defeats North Dakota State University. Go Jacks.
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    Well spring is here and I am optimistic about the number of pheasants that I am seeing. I was working on fence yesterday and it seemed like they were everywhere. It was a mild winter and it seems to be showing.
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    opening weekend

    I have a friend that has an opening for opening weekend. This is a top of the line hunt with every thing you could want taken care of. It is not a cheap hunt. If you have interest I will help you make contact with him.
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    Latest report

    I am still finding hens on the nest, but more that have hatched. I am seeing young flyers. I don't have a feel for numbers as I am staying away from the main nesting areas. Last night I saw a baby skunk as I was baling. It would have been funny watching me try to run over a baby skunk at...
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    land rent

    A guy that I rent some land to just rented 9 quarters of land by bid for about 50% more than he pays me, and I thought I was well paid. I do not see how that is going to work but CRP is not even in the ball park here. I am amazed.
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    More little ones

    Well I am seeing little ones but in this case I am talking about little skunks. I have seen two different families of little skunks this year so I guess it is time to get the box traps out.
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    22 pistol

    A friend of mine has a 22 year old daughter that wants to buy a .22 pistol, not a revolver. I am looking for opinions on what people would recommend. Thanks.
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    Wounded Warrior Hunt

    I have not talked about the WWH because I wanted to know for sure where we are at for birds. Now that most of the crop is out, I am very pleased with the bird numbers. The last group shot thier limit 2 out 3 days. The last day it was rainy and windy and they were tired so they quit early with...
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    How much is a dog worth?

    I have a group of hunters here that don't have a dog with them. They hunted till one and got one bird. They decided to hunt with my dog after dinner, they picked up nine more in about the same amount of time. How much have I added to their hunt by letting them use my dog? I am not talking...
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    South Dakota Opener

    I know of an opening weekend hunt that is available. This will probably take a large group or deep pockets because it isn't cheap. This will be a very good hunt. If you are interested send me a PM.
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    Viet Nam vets

    Just curious about how many Viet Nam vets are on this forum.
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    I saw a doe with three fawns yesterday. That is the first time I remember seeing that. Is that really rare or not?
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    First chick sighting

    I saw the first pheasant chick of the year for me today, it was big enough to fly. Everything is so tall it will be difficult to see them. We start cutting alfalfa tomorrow so that will tell me something.