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    What is the best pair of boots you ever owned for hunting pheasants?

    2nd on Keen. I use Havocs some of the time but my go to boot are Keen Targhee IIs. Light and durable. I was at Cabelas last night and see they make that boot in a water proof model. That will be my next purchase. I’m gonna elk hunt this fall and they will get a workout.
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    Good jerky recipe

    This turned out good if you like some sweetness to your jerky.
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    Question on e-collar and wounds on a dogs neck

    Shortest prongs that work and tighter. Leave it off until you hunt your first spot, and take it off for the ride back. Mark the correct hole on the collar with fingernail polish so you’re not guessing all the time.
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    Where to live?

    Along the river north of Chamberlain somewhere, or the Spearfish Canyon.
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    One thing you learned

    Wind is your friend. Nothing covers sound better. Gotta be out in front tho, or you pluck tail feathers.
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    if you had $2500

    I looked at the 686, Cynergy Field, and the 828U. I wanted all three, but went with the Cynergy Field in 20ga cuz I like a higher, ramped rib. Better go do some shouldering. They all felt a little different. It was about $1800 out the door. That would leave a little $$$ left to take your wife...
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    The Roosters are Killing Me!!

    Yup. Minnesota French Spaniels. Rare breed. You might never see another one. Hunting, pointing machines. Miya put up 50 roosters this season. Got a puppy coming in two weeks.
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    The Roosters are Killing Me!!

    Just got back. Blizzard got us pretty bad. Spent a night in Sioux Falls to let it blow through. Drove by a bad pile up west of SFs. Shot a nice bird out there. 30 bars and 5/8” spurs. One of the bigger ones I’ve shot. Merry Christmas to all you fellow bird hunters. Last day we hunted it was 58...
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    Looking for a left hand Pheasant gun

    My nephew is picking up the Montrefeltro. He’s a lefty and is getting the wood stock model. They don’t make the Silver in left, but not an issue for him. I went with the BUL, but only because it has a higher rib. If that wasn’t an issue, I would have for sure gone with the Montrefeltro. I...
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    Want a browning cynergy 20 ga or 12 ga !

    It’s a really light, snappy gun. You should shoulder both lengths. You might find that the 28” swings a little smoother. I went with the 28” with extended choke tubes just to get it to slow down a little. I would like to change up the ejectors so they don’t pop the the cases out, but I haven’t...
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    Tell Me About Your Best Ever Dog...

    I didn’t start hunting out west until I was 55 so this was easy. Only one dog and one woman in my life so far. Miya the dog will be nine this month, and had her best season this fall. She’s a French Spaniel. I have another puppy coming in January. I don’t know how good she is, but she’s good...
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    Tell Me About Your Best Ever Dog...

    I shot a pointed bird over Elle east of Watertown a number of years ago. It was in a thicket near a fence line on a public area. She was about as dialed in as a dog could be.
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    Beretta A400 20ga Upland

    My BIL shoots one and he really likes it. I had the same gun on the counter ready to purchase but I declined at the last second because of the safety location. After 40 years of having it behind the trigger, I would have a heck of a time with it being forward. It might not be an issue for you...
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    Want a browning cynergy 20 ga or 12 ga !

    I have the Cynergy in 20ga. and switch off with a Benelli UL in 12. It is a nice field gun and handles well. It has a fairly high rib, so that needs to be factored into your decision. My BUL also has a raised rib and that’s why I bought both guns. If you desire a lower profile, a Citori would...
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to you too, George. Hope you had a good season. Arizona is waiting for your arrival. Winter is coming.
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    An IPA that will not disappoint

    Toppling goliath brewing co. Decorah, Iowa
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    An IPA that will not disappoint

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    Back to the basics

    Yup, change it up and stay mobile. What happens in SD, stays in SD. Glad you had fun and warmed up your barrel. SD is a great place.
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    Crosby / Divide County

    Crosby fairgrounds free camping with electricity and water and hot showers. Hunting really good, but remote. Keep jump starter pack in the truck, scoop, tow strap, extra key, and prepare like you will spend the night in the truck, buddy heater, sleeping bags, food, water. Cell service iffy. I...
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    lunch on the hunt

    Lutefisk lefse wrap, romegrot’ for dessert, coffee