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    How dry is western North Dakota?

    Is there enough moisture to germinate the spring week? It looks like you may get some showers or hopefully some rain this week! Keep us fans of ND updated please!
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    Albino pheasant?

    Who has ever seen a albino in the wild? Roosters or hen??? I have been hunting over 50 years and do not ever recall seeing one? I have been to a small simple hunting operation in Mott , North Dakota. They have been hosting hunters for 30 plus years and they have a couple of roosters mounted. I...
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    Bobwhite forecast Kansas Oklahoma Texas 2021

    Hi all ! I don’t have any experience with bobwhite, so I have no frame of reference what the cold temperatures and exposure is likely doing in the bobwhite belt? I would surmise a couple days is tough, but this week, of plunging temperatures and conditions ? What does your collective...
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    Model 12 shotgun and Older guns in general value

    I watched an estate sale of a good friend who loved and collected Model 12s last weekend..... It seemed to me the market has shifted on older guns in " USING " condition... I saw model 12 , 12 gauges in good, but NOT NICE condition sell for 150.00 at auction. Like new Heavy duck ( I know you...
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    Pheasant hunters who Also chase quail

    Hi long time pheasant chaser in the northern states, but over the last 3 winters made trips to New Mexico, for Scaled quail. I also chased Mearns with my lab this winter for a couple of weeks . During our pheasant forever fundraiser, we had a Arizona quail hunt donated. I asked the question in...
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    harvest update SW N. Dak. please

    hi all , any opinions on what percentage of the flowers and corn still in the field in the Mott Regent country? headed out soon. thanks,dustin
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    Updated -raffle for guns- Pheasants forever- Montana

    hi see the 52 guns, drawn over 52 weeks in Member announcements below the classified. The fundraiser raised money for Montana Habitat work, for Public hunting in the Coffee Creek - Wolfe complex. thanks for your support!:)
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    re-conditioned tri tronics model 70

    Sold=I have a reconditioned by collar clinic model 70 tritronics collar that has been used for only a season since reconditioned .... i also have 2 dummy collars and a case for the unit... asking for 75.00 shipped ... personal check is fine! all i used it for was to keep dogs off roads, and...
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    Montana moisture

    hi wondering those of you who live in Montana, how has the precipitation been.. I am wondering if the pheasant belt is getting enough or too much? I heard about the snow in Chinook a couple of weeks ago. Bozeman has had a couple of inches over the last 10 days. that said we aren't the pheasant...
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    Montana Gun a Week raffle

    DEC 1, 2016 NEWS from Montana PF the State of Montana gambling division has just informed us we can NOT mail these tickets out of state... so if you are traveling into the state of Montana there are stores that are selling this as a service to Pheasants Forever. Sidney, Billings, Bozeman, Great...
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    Pheasants forever banquet- March -28

    Hi Montanan's you are all welcome to attend our Sat. fundraiser in Bozeman. starts app. 5:30 pm and we get done before 10 pm, lots of hunts, and fun pheasant related to be dealt that evening . we will have our registration website up real soon to buy tickets.... would love to meet some of...
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    16 gauge what a Pheasant round

    When I started as a kid , like most of you with an 870, in 12 gauge... 20 years ago, when I got my first lab,and wanted to treat myself I purchased a light weight benelli 20 ga... EASY carry, however about 7 years ago I realized I wounded, and lost too many birds.... So not only did I go...
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    waterproof boots

    Hi since Northern Montana is a bayou, I went looking for a "MUCK" type boot at retailers yesterday.... I don't want a boot for waterfowling( standing) I want something that wont turn into a sauna while walking... what style would you recommend , looking at their website was almost as confusing...
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    Montana pheasant hunters for opener- read this

    Hi you may have heard of the immense rain storm in Montana high line during August. Fields of grain, and hay were totally inundated. Mosquitos right now are fierce! bring bug spray if you are hunting before we get our first major freeze.... talked to several hun- sharptail hunters who have...
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    browning citori Super Light 20 gauge O/U

    Made in the mid 1980's, before choke tubes were in vogue. Ic/Ic barrels 26 1/2 barrels... excellent condition. Blued receiver, app. 6 1/2 pounds... the only blue missing is on the underhand area of the tang from hand carry. 1250.00 I can text photos for you. 406-539-1982...
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    Win. Model 12 solid rib -12 ga.

    This is a 90% gun full choke, in bright condition. Winchester recoil pad ... you wont find any better unless it is still in the box, un-used. 799.00 will have to go to FFL. 406-539-1982 cell, happy to text pictures , 3 day inspection and satisfaction promised.
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    parker vh grade , 12 gauge

    have an antique v grade, the gun features a patina of age, carefully cared for... someone has done a really nice job of refinishing the stock, and re-checkering. The wood still fits beautifully to the metal , as if a real pro did the job.Pistol grip cap, and dog head butt place are in good...
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    Filson Mansfield insulated soft shell for sale

    I have one new large, and one new Xl Blaze insulated orange Filson softshell , a great late season bird coat for sale, 175.00 prepaid shipping. this is a terrific new product for Filson. dustin
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    Filson shooting shirts for sale- Sold

    I have 1 brand new large shooting shirt Tan body, Olive sleeves, and patch for sale and 2 brand new , one large , one xl, shooting shirt tan body, blaze sleeves and patch for sale/. 125.00 your choice, but two of them I will ship prepaid. thanks, Dustin
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    Bob Allen high prairie hunting shirts for sale

    Hi I have a few unopened hunting shirts in Xl and Large..... 1 each Red- Tan 25.00 each 1 each Tan- Blaze 25.00 each 2 each Tan-Olive 25.00 each plus shipping, 3 or more shirts will ship pre-paid. Dustin