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    First trip to Montana for Sharptail and Huns.

    When hunting early season am often walking back to truck at 930 or so 1000am!
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    First trip to Montana for Sharptail and Huns.

    Benelli gave very useful advice. One of my mentors in hrc hunt test said” it’s all about the journey “ . I live in Montana but hunt a fair bit in no. Dakota. Many great relationships built over many years of trips!
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    First trip to Montana for Sharptail and Huns.

    Lots of block management areas in Montana. The biologists are a good source of information too. They will be fairly generic. Depending on hatch it can be fantastic or a bust. Knocking on doors in Montana can be very useful. Need time to kick the DUST with a farmer. Good luck
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    New bird hunter

    7.5 great for pen raised birds IMO and other companies produce, the supply is the issue now. I do like rio 7. 5 16 gauge First day or two on Wild birdsi start with7.5 then.move to 6 , by late November I uses a mix of 6 first barrels then 5 shot
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    AZ Upland hunter

    South west no dak seems IMO to not have much beyond local water fowl. There is plots which is state funded walk in upland . Depending on year and nesting and crp locations, can have excellent sharptail, and pheasant hunting. My experience has been hun hunting lately , very poor. Southwest...
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    AZ Upland hunter

    North Dakota is still welcoming and good bird chasing ! Don’t know that town but hunt western no dak every year! My highlight trip of the year ! Congratulations
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    Cold rain

    Banger is right ,peak hatch is app. June 9th give or take. So hens could abandon if rain torrential. But would renest . Hatched out nests , hens won’t renest. This moisture generally is a plus for chick food(bugs) and farmers germination!
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    How dry is western North Dakota?

    Talked to minot member off today . Sprinkles is there . West of there a real rain !
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    Excellent Lab pups

    Saw Tanner earn his master title in Montana a few years ago! Later got a pup from him , he is a terrific stud dogs . Big desire, and pups with calm east going disposition!
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    I wouldn’t say I train different for species. Have my 5 th lab, non pointing. Have hunted her 5 falls. We start with mountain grouse to avoid snakes , then move to prairie grouse and Huns in late September. We usually get a few dove before they leave Montana . A few duck hunts before pheasants...
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    Got his first title

    Good looking red lab!!! Where did you get your pup! Congratulations
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    How dry is western North Dakota?

    Is there enough moisture to germinate the spring week? It looks like you may get some showers or hopefully some rain this week! Keep us fans of ND updated please!
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    Rest easy my friend, a tribute to Wyatt

    Thanks only curse of owning dogs , is they don’t outlive us.... you will never forget your dog! But it will hurt less in some time down the road . Sorry
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    Albino pheasant?

    Who has ever seen a albino in the wild? Roosters or hen??? I have been hunting over 50 years and do not ever recall seeing one? I have been to a small simple hunting operation in Mott , North Dakota. They have been hosting hunters for 30 plus years and they have a couple of roosters mounted. I...
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    Al Gadoury's 6X Outfitters

    Sure my cell is best 406-579-0851
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    Look away

    Around we go on the merry go round! Fact -2018 in American 10,200 gun crimes total per FBI. Percent of gun crimes that were a mass shooting of the 10,000 plus , .021%. The vast majority of gun crimes are perpetuated by Criminals. Those crimes are robbery, drug or gang related. How bout we...
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    Torn Cruciate

    So SD what decision did you decide so others may benefit from experience either good or negative?
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    Snakes in Central North Dakota

    Brittman were you in the grasslands or close to medora ? Concerning rattlers
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    New member

    You have some terrific advice here/ Take your dogs that is how the Learn. But if they screw up! Don’t lose your temper. First year is all fun. Paying access for a few days is money well spent. Lots of contact is how they learn, and you too. Additionally a day with a guide early in the trip can...
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    New member

    Also? Do it yourself? Any hunting companions? Lodge and guided? Willing to pay access? How badly do you need to fill limit daily? Dog power? How many dogs at your disposal? Want sharptails? Huns? Prairie chickens? How long do you want to be in the Dakotas? You’ll get some good advice here ! Good...