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    Good jerky recipe

    This turned out good if you like some sweetness to your jerky.
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    An IPA that will not disappoint

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    Sig Sauer P239

    Sig P239. Night sights, TT GunLeather Holster, 40SW. I put a box and a half of rounds through it and locked it up. Gun is in new condition. Comes in the original case. $550 obo SOLD
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    Orange dog vest

    Gonna put a dog vest on my pointer this trip and try it out. Do you think an orange vest hinders a pointing dog? Should I have bought the tan one?
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    Need vest advice

    I need to vest my 60lb French spaniel. Just got her home and her chest/belly area just beat to a pulp. Leaving again on the 19th so want to find one. Please give me some advice on an upland hunting vest that won’t overheat. I ordered an Avery boaters vest but I think it will be too warm for...
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    Benelli ultra light 20ga

    New in the box, never fired Benelli Ultralight 20ga. I bought a 12 and 20 at the same time but I just never had time for the 20. When I go to the 20ga I use my Cynergy. $1250. Save $250 plus the tax. It’s very light, around 5lbs. Just warning you. I’ll be out in the north eastern part of SD...
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    Lake Pocasse

    Please let me know if you have fished walleye in Lake Pocasse, in Pollock. A person could camp for free in the city park, fish the Missouri, or the lake, and jump across the border and hunt early in ND. Season opens early enough in ND that you have a pretty good chance of catching some nice...
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    Cabela sale

    Just a heads up that Cabela’s has the Benelli Ultralight 20ga. on sale for $1249. That’s about $200 off the regular price. You don’t see them on sale very often. 24” barrel about perfect on that gun. If you have some points you could get into a pretty nice gun for a grand. Not nearly as good as...
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    A5 Sweet 16 Sold

    I bought a new A5 Sweet 16 before I left for SD this past Fall. I hunted with it for 3 days and put less than a box of shells through it. It has a 28” barrel and she’s a little long for me. I sent the barrel to Mike Orlen for a cutdown and re-rethread, but he cannot install a tru-choke in it...
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    Late season hunt

    I had a lot of fun hunting for a couple days around Thornton, Meservey, Belmond, Forest City, and Klemme a couple weeks ago. Would have stayed longer and hunted with a fellow forum member, but a sinus infection shortened my trip. We shot a couple each day and saw some nice country. I usually...
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    Trespass law

    It will be interesting to watch a new trespass bill work it’s way through the 2019 legislative session. I’ve never hunted ND, but it’s on my list. I’ll have to do a review on the rules before I go. I spend some time in the ditches here and there in SD, and I’m sure the rules are different, and...
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    Benelli Ultralite

    Just a heads up Cabela's has got BUL on clearance now. I bought mine for $899. $600 off is about as good as it will get. Now I need to have the barrel on my new Sweet 16 cut down to match the 47.5 inch BUL. Anyway, good time to buy one if you got an itch. Both 12 and 20 are on clearance.
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    Trulock Black Friday Sale

    Just a heads up that Trulock is starting their Black Friday sale. 30% off everything. I got a Skeet 2 choke for my new Sweet 16 and now I gotta order the IC for it and do some patterning. I like to be able to squeeze things down a little when it’s windy out, although I’m not sure it really makes...
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    Barrel cut down

    I’m gonna send the barrel of my new Sweet 16 to Briley to cut it down. I bought the 28” and have a Trulock extended skeet 2 choke in it. It looks and feels like the the guns on the battleship Missouri. The action on this gun is really long. What am I talking for cost; $150, $250? I have no idea...
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    Kent Upland Bismuth

    Just a heads up that Impact Guns has Kent Upland Bismuth in 16 gauge, as well as 20&12 ga. in stock. They come 25 to a box and run about 32-33 bucks. I think it’s the same shell as the smaller blue boxes of 10, only packaged 25 per box and a nice pheasant scene on the box. I bought a box of 20...
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    16 ga. no-tox

    Just a heads up on finding no-tox for we 16 gaugers. Nick from Backridge Ammunition will have ITX shells in 6 weeks or so in 4s and 6s. Nice Shot has 2s and 4s for sale now. Just need to find Kent Bismuth in 5s, and Rio Bismuth in 4s or 5s. I’ve been using Fed. Heavyweight 7s (2 3/4in) in my 20...
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    Pretty good price on A5 Sweet 16

    Northern Firearms (Reeds Sporting Goods) has quite a few new Sweet 16s in stock. Sale price is $1299 free shipping and no tax, plus Browning has a $100 rebate until Oct. 1st. I couldn’t resist for $1200. Hope it’s decent. It sure it light. They also have that Federal load that I like for 16 ga...
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    Make sure all your machinery is accounted for. Geesh
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    I hope you read this.

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    Fabarm L4S for Sale

    Fabarm L4S for sale. Intial Hunter, 12 gauge, gas operated, 26" barrel, two extra chokes. Gun is spotless and very lightly used. Bought a Cynergy 12ga. and a 20ga. last year and they are all I need. Fabarm is a great gun, well made, and in perfect shape. LNIB $1000 and I'll ship it. Thanks