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    Look Away- Part II

    First - huge supporter of LEOs on the front line here, across the board. But for those who would have us trust that these fine people will protect us, our families, and our team mates from the crazies and evil doers among us (who don't follow ANY laws the rest of us do) - they would if they...
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    More bombast, nothing to worry about here - right?
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    Am I the only one

    Am I the only one eyeing early to mid-fall of this year with apprehension? If the large cap gains and personal income tax gains being crafted as we speak are implemented, and if the inevitable "print it until you drop" forced inflation drives interest rates up and money printing rates down --...
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    Tell me this isn't smokin' hot

    'Are You Bonkers Or Just Cruel?' Anger at South Dakota Governor Over Social Distancing Hunting Video ( The Benelli, of course. What were YOU thinking?
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    Your dog ain't so much (yes, I know, good way to start a fight)

    Duck Calling Dog (
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    Endorsement - Wolff springs

    After over a dozen years of fairly heavy use, including maybe an above average number of heavy (goose) loads -- my Benelli M2 started limping. Installed a new Wolff "+ 25%" spring. First couple of boxes of target loads, had a couple of just barely failures to feed (bolt too fast, beat the...
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    Look away

    Hard to keep up with the blitzkrieg of proposed legislation aimed at disarming the law abiding citizen. What's real, what's not - and what can be done?
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    Houston 2-3 Sept - NRA confab

    Any one planning to attend this year's NRA annual convention in Houston? I've never attended despite being a long time life member (and more), but had thought this might be the year to show up given the major management and leadership challenges being experienced to the detriment of the cause...
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    Notion on CRP

    A thought. Wide consensus that CRP is good for Mother Earth and for bird pops. Also, that at least in Kansas, gaining access to the birds CRP helps bolster is difficult and not getting less so. So my thought is this. If one accepts CRP funds provided by the taxpayers - shouldn't the...
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    EVs for hunting?

    Anyone currently (OK, bad pun) using an electric vehicle for your hunting trips and if so, any issues?
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    Are Kansans being shortchanged? (Yes)

    Pittman-Robertson funds (federal tax on sporting and shooting goods as most all know) appear not to be equitably distributed. See 6th page down, here: WRFinalApportionment2020.pdf ( KS shows about $11 mil in receipts - about the same as Virginia, with which I am personally familiar...
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    Not so far off topic if you squint real hard and pretend that a goose is just a really big, drab, less tasty pheasant. Though I much prefer quail and pheasant, variety is the spice of life and hunting opportunities are thin enough for many of us, perhaps, to make alternative winged prey...