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    daily bag limit for 2021?

    It is. That only really changed the first week though. After the first week it was 10 am anyways.
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    daily bag limit for 2021?

    Pretty sure they canned that idea.
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    Tell me this isn't smokin' hot

    I'm more of a fan of the build it and they will come model of wildlife. If the state would focus on increasing the population of pheasants. As well as increased accessibility. It wouldn't take a lot of money in advertising. Folks would know and hear from word of mouth that pheasants are up in SD.
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    Tell me this isn't smokin' hot

    She supports the outdoors is the biggest joke I've heard. She supports the money behind it. The guides, the outfitters and the lodges for the financially well off. If you're a DIY and or public land hunter she gives thinks zero of you. Her 2 million spent on predator bounty program has produced...
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    Types of cover

    A number of the CREP areas can be fairly small in size and make it easier to corner a rooster with one person. Don't pass over the big areas as some of them are half mowed thus making them good places to trap a bird or two without an exit.
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    New Member

    I've done this multiple times. Best plan we ever came up with is sit there and let them land. It's pretty tough to keep the dog still and silent with all that action. Try to keep your eye on a rooster. Then we would head toward where it landed and try and get the dog on him. Seemed a lot of...
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    Torn Cruciate

    I know that sinking feeling in your chest when they come back dragging their leg. I've had my current lab tear her CCL about four years ago. We opted for the TPLO since she was five at the time. It's a lengthy process through recovery. Takes months like previously stated. They also told me the...
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    Shooting High

    My dad left his turkey choke in my gun. Since we took my gun out turkey hunting in the spring. I found this out after I cleaned it around mid December. I've only let one bird get away so far this season. Shot about 20 so far. Maybe give that a try. Ha ha.
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    The Roosters are Killing Me!!

    You are correct. This is for non residents. Residents we just have to buy one license for the whole year.
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    Last Trip of 2020 produced a Unique Bird

    The white probably helped him half the year.
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    Could We Have More CRP in the near future?

    If they could take all those corn ethanol subsidies and put it into cellulosic ethanol research. In turn makeing it cost viable to create, then we could just have massive fields of switch grass instead of a sea of corn. Now that would be a wildlife enthusiasts dream.
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    Pet Insurance - Whose Got It?

    After paying for TPLO on my lab we got it the next year. When we get the next dog we plan on getting a plan for it too. With the cost of that kind of surgery it's well worth it.
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    I hate this!

    I skin, take wings and head off, leaving one foot. I do it all in the parking areas. Everything I take off the birds goes into a trash bag. When I get home, the bag goes in my regular trash and gets hauled out with all the rest every week. Also, usually come back with others trash also in said...
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    Pointing labs

    The three I grew up hunting over and the one I now own will point until the bird moves. If thee bird runs the dogs would/will give chase. If the bird twitches they will reposition. I have either walked in and flushed the bird or have told the dogs to get em and they'll dive in after the bird...
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    Hunting in rain?

    Bring an extra set if clothes so you can at least be in dry cloths when you get done.
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    the sky conditions

    I've found if it's really sunny and no clouds depending on which way the bird flies it can make it extremely hard to tell what they are. I prefer cloudy days and having my yellow or orange glasses on. That being said I shot two birds last Friday under blue bird skies and I was thinking to myself...
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    Today’s results

    Got a true double and a single today in 25 minutes. It was bluebird skies, slight breeze and 40's out. Pretty much the days I dream about. Asher pointed a bird after trailing it to a corner in the field. Up in gets right in the sun. No idea what it is, then cackle cackle cackle. So pulled the...
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    Public land etiquette?

    The opening weekend/week gets worse every year. I gave up on it about 6 years ago. Shooting time used to be noon. You could show up at nine and get your spot all staked out. Then right at shooting time here they come. They hop out and walk right in front of you. I've cut some of these people...
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    Crash course in SD hunting.

    If you're planning on doing your five days consecutive your posession limit can still only be 15. Which is 5 days limits. It really depends on what time of year you come on where and what type of cover you should be looking for. I stay off the sloughs when they ice up. I've iced fished on lakes...
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    Things to see or do

    Fishing should be really good that time of year by the dams along the Missouri river.