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    New forum software

    I really like the new forum system. Thanks for going to the work of updating it. I am sure it was a pain to do it.
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    One of my buddies is looking for a GSP litter in Kansas

    One of my hunting buddies is looking for a GSP litter this spring if you know of any let me know. Thanks.
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    We saw lots of pheasants in North Central Kansas!

    As guys always say. The birds were all just across the fence from WIHA....
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    Sweating the Opener

    Forecasted Highs for Saturday in the 70's!!!! that will be miserable. We wont be hunting long.
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    Beretta BL3 28ga

    I am selling my little 28ga Beretta:
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    Kansas Pheasant hunting T-shirt artwork idea

    I was messing around in Illustrator some on this wet cold weekend. I came up with some ideas for a pheasant hunting t-shirt design. Let me know what you think or if you have any suggestions.
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    Anthony KS

    I have a friend with some CRP ground down by Anthony. We used to hunt it 15 years ago but my friend moved to Texas and we have not hunted it since. If any of you have hunted in that area this year would you PM me and let me know what kind of success you had. My friend is coming back up from...
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    Quail 8 Anyone going to this? I assume Prairie Drifter is probably a speaker there.
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    America the Beautiful- The Sandlot

    For those of us a certain age is here is no movie better than the Sandlot and there is nothing more America and 4th of July than this: ​​
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    Remington Model 31L 12ga & 16 ga for sale

    If you are tired of carrying around a bunch of weight in the field than I have 2 guns for you to check out. Both the 12 & the 16 weigh in at 5.75 pounds. They make great upland guns (very bad clays guns). I am selling them because I have too many model 31's and after putting choke tubes in my...
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    1 legged rooster

    So I was talking to one of my hunting buddies this evening. He told me he took his 16 year old foster boy out last weekend. This is his first season hunting and he has done really well but had not hit anything yet. Well Sunday he got his first pheasant and first quail! Obviously an exciting...
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    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas to all of you on UPH. I really enjoy the discussions and interactions we have here. For Christmas I wanted to share with you all one of my favorite Christmas songs. It is a remake of Leonard Cohens Hallelujah as a true Christmas song. It is by a band called Cloverton, a lived...
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    Opening weekend reports

    I hunted in south central Kansas. We had a good time, and took a youth hunting for the first time. So that was great. The bird numbers were down though. Not dramatically down, but definitely less birds than last year. We hunted mostly private with an hour on public mixed in.
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    Possession Limit

    Can anyone explain to me the realities of the Kansas possession limit law? I know the possession limit is set at 16. However what defines possession? For example when I was a kid my family like to go to the ozarks and catch trout, we would always eat as much as we could while fishing and the...
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    Where to hunt pheasants and quail in Kansas 2016

    This time of year the Kansas forum starts to get really active with people wanting to know where to hunt birds. Posts with a title like this one can easily get over a thousand views from non members to the site. I want to be helpful to all of you looking for that information. 1.) Join the forum...
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    Kansas Pheasant Hunting Shirt

    So in my day job I do some T-shirt design work. A couple of times I have messed around with some pheasant hunting themed designs. I thought I would share this design I came up with, with you all. If I am breaking any rules by "selling" these shirts on here please let me know. I am using the...
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    Q5 Upland Bird Belt - Review

    I posted this on some other sites... but I spent enough time on it I thought i would repost it here. I hope the review is useful to any of you contemplating the bird belt. 2 or 3 years ago I was at Cabelas and saw a bird belt. I had not ever seen one before. i took a look at it and thought it...
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    I need to make room in the safe

    I am running low on space in my safe. I am not exactly sure what I am making space for, but if I don't make space for it I won't be able to buy it when I find it. Whatever "it" is. Remington 11-48: $350 obo 16 gauge 28" barrel modified choke 6 1/2lbs I have used this gun as a backup gun to my...
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    Ending the season well

    I took off Friday and some friends and I went out to celebrate the end of the season. The forecast made me think the whole trip was going to be a disaster. 60 degrees and sunny is what the weatherman was saying. Boy was I wrong. :) We had probably the best 3 day hunt I have ever had. Friday...
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    Manhattan Vet?

    A coworker with an older Brittany wanted me to poll the Manhattan area guys on who they use as a vet. So who do you guys use? And why?