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    20 Gauge Shot Size

    What shot do you recommend for a 20 gauge for pheasants. I am taking my son with me for his first hunt and he will be using an 870 youth 20 gauge
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    Would like to purchase the original Super Black Eagle in camo with a 28" barrel. Please let me know if anyone has one for sale. Purchased!!
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    Upland Game Shirt

    My buddy took me out to his hunt club recently for chuckers and I wanted to get him and Blaze/Tan upland long sleeve shirt, but get a GPS embroidered on it as well. I have found plenty of shirts, but didn't know where you can order the shirt and they personalize it as well - all in one. Any...
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    SD Opener

    Hope you guys are getting ready for the opener. I have my annual plans to hunt with family on Saturday and Sunday in Ipswich. However, all have to head back to work on Monday so I will be hunting solo that day. Anyone on here know of anywhere between Aberdeen south to Sioux Falls and out west...
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    South Dakota Opener

    Who's ready - I'm packed and heading north in the morning!
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    Benelli SBE vs. Beretta 391 Urika 2

    Outside for the 3.5" chamber, any feedback on significant differences between the two and any users of either. I currently pheasant and duck hunt with a Remington 870 Wingmaster and looking for an automatic, relatively light weight. I perfer the traditional wood stock, matt finish is fine...
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    PC Transfer

    New to this forum, heavy follower of PC before the spam. Live down in South Florida where I fish and duck hunt up in central Florida, but get up to Ispwich, SD every fall for the opener. My Dad grew up in Watertown and I have family land I hunt in Ipswich. Looking forward to the...