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    Resident opener

    Made it out for resident opener, also my birthday. Had a good time with my father and my dog. Went to an area that we have hunted a lot in my life. We weren't disappointed. Got our six roosters by noon after starting at ten. I only missed one long shot and got a good laugh at my dad as he...
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    Brood counts

    See they eliminated doing the late summer brood counts today at the commission meeting. Can't say I ever paid a lot of attention to them because as a resident I still go every day I can. Find it funny that they eliminate them after they started showing decline in population for the last decade...
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    Resident season 2018

    Made it out for resident season today. Found some birds in light to medium cover. Got one group of around a dozen up that jumped up too far away. Got another group of around 20 and picked up one from that bunch. Followed that group and managed two more singles after breaking up the big group...
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    My worst day afield

    Saturday 10/28 started like any other Saturday during pheasant season for Asher and I. We were headed out to chase roosters like we do on every day off I have during the season. Exception for west river deer season. We got do a spot that had produced birds for us in the last couple years. She...
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    Friends for life

    Any of you guys watched this video yet? For me it sums up a lot of the reason I go hunting in the first place.
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    Last week observations.

    Over the last week I have been out running the dog on various tracts of public land getting her tuned up for the upcoming season. We went through ten to 12 different spots where I have found birds throughout the years. Also scouted some new spots. Stayed away from some of my favorite tried and...
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    Final outing

    Made it out for my last hunt of the season yesterday. Always a sad feeling. Decided to try a new piece of public ground a friend told me about. Knee deep snow but the cattails were holding the birds. The dog and I broke up around two groups of twenty. After that we were able to get back on the...
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    Dry grass

    Wanted to give everyone a heads up if they are headed out for the opener and remind them to take caution as to where they are driving. The grass has grown very tall from the spring and summer rains. It has gotten extremly dry now and the fire danger is very high. Please pay attention to where...
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    Dogs feet

    After reading some of the recent threads I was wondering what are some things folks do to toughen up their dogs feet for hunting season. I know here in SD the sloughs as well as hunting in the snow can wreak havoc on a dogs pads. I personally have taken to going on jogs on gravel roads.
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    Week day hunting

    Thank goodness I get weekdays off and can go hunting. Makes working evenings and weekends bearable. Made a quick trip with the dog and myself. Got to the public area we intended to hunt about ten. Had scouted this area earlier this fall and have been waiting for crops to come out. As we...
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    Resident season

    My father and I went out for resident season today. Pulled up to our usuall public area about 10 to ensure we had the spot we wanted. Watched groups of birds fly around the area for two hours. Three here, four there. Even had a rooster walk 15 feet in front of the truck. Noon finally rolls...
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    First aid kits

    Figured that I should invest some money into a first aid kit in case something were to happen to my dog. Anyone have any suggestions? I see places like Cabelas and Scheels sell kits. Anyone have any experience on which ones are worth the purchase or should a guy just make his own?
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    Governor's pheasant workgroup

    Figured this would have been put up as soon as it came out. Since it hasn't here's the link. Read the whole thing. Seems like they understand there's a problem and are trying to come up with ways to keep SD as the pheasant...
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    New from South Dakota

    Have been visiting the forum for a couple months now and decided to join today. Seems to be very well run and full of people with a wealth of information. I was born and raised in SD and still reside here. Been chasing wild roosters since I was a kid (only 27 now) and look forward to...