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    What are your plans this year?

    Like a lot of guys from out of state we have a booked trip in January. More excited about quail then pheasant as the numbers are way up here in MN and I have plenty in the freezer. Don't worry residents we have enough ethics not to keep chasing the covey around and wipe them out. I only say that...
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    mid January quail/pheasant hunt to north central Ks. ( staying in Lucas ). Bringing 3 Brittany's and a Lab.

    We'll be there mid January also. Seven guys and 11 dogs. Chaos! We boot our dogs in one spot we hunt. Full of sand burrs and guess where the quail hide?
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    Thoughts on this November

    The house we rented this year has an additional $150 fee for a professional cleaning company to come in before and after we leave. I would guess that eliminates any potential law suits against the home owner.
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    Help with lodging please!!!

    In the very early stages of planning a trip ranging from Salina to Colby in Jan. of 2020. Planning on a group of 4-6 and hoping to find a cabin or such that will allow dogs. Preferably more towards Colby and does not need to be anything special. The hope is we can all be in the same building...
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    Looking for help with a SW Nebraska hunt

    Hello--I know it's a slow time of year for this site but I'm in the very early stages of planning a trip from MN to SW Nebraska. We've shot a lot of pheasant but never a quail so we're hoping for a little of each. Looks like the McCook area is the place to go? We'd like to start further North...
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    Dogtra 2500 t&b

    Hello--I have two of these collars up for sale. One I've used for five seasons the other was new last year, The newer one's beeper is louder other then that both operate as the should. The older one's batteries were changed twice and are in good shape. I'm only selling as I bought a second...
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    For the last remaining checking in I thought I'd report we were at Sandpines game farm yesterday for the rooster only special. Still very good cover and little snow. Put out 10 roosters and flushed at least 25 birds. So a lot bonus birds to be had. Sadly I had to put down my 12 year old...
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    Two weeks until opener

    And this website is dead I viewing MN --2 viewing North Dakota and 5- viewing SD. Doesn't look like there's much excitement this year. I have four trips planned with good friends all in MN totaling 14 days. We cancelled our out of state trip. Good luck everyone and stay safe!
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    Sadly we cancelled our week long trip to Hettinger ND this year as the conditions from the drought just sound to bad. So we've decided to stay here and do a week in MN where we know we can at least find spots to hunt. I'm scrambling trying to find a lodge/cabin with a kitchen that can...
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    Motels in Worthington MN

    Any dog friendly recommendations? I actually prefer the "less then perfect" back up to the door motels rather then one I have to drag my dogs down a hallway to get to the room. Thanks!!
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    Plans for 2016

    Well were almost to August. I've booked three trips so far. For SD opener a buddy and I are staying in Watertown but with the noon start we're going to wander West out towards Redfield. Basically a scouting trip. Never been to this neck of the woods. The following weekend in Marshall. Been...
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    A trip to Pierre

    Hello--Our group is looking to take a break from our annual trip to North Central SD and try the Pierre area. I have some emails out to cabin resorts. Waiting to see availability. It would be all public hunting. Two concerns. More hunters to compete with and a lot less public land. Could...
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    corps of engineers

    Hello all--Can the corps of engineers property be hunted along the Missouri river in say the Mobridge area? I got to hunt some private land back in 2011 overlooking the river. It was a beautiful spot. I'd love to semi recreate that hunt. Thanks for any responses
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    This late season

    I've been having a great late season this December. I've made it out every weekend in December (for one day each). Unfortunately (for me) my friends and brother in law are at the point in their lives where they are busy with kids so I've had to go alone. First weekend I had my limit by 12:30...
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    Thus far???

    Thought I'd share my outings and see how everyone else is doing. Missed MN opener but did make it to SD for theirs. Four of us harvested 23 birds and 6 sharpies in two days. Because it was so warm we took long breaks between hunts to cool the dogs down. We found the birds in pockets. Good...
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    WTB- Rem 1187 barrel

    Hello- I'm looking to buy a 26" Remington 1187 premier light contour RH barrel. Please message me if you have one. Thanks
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    2014 Recap

    Thought I'd give the group and myself's recap for the year. Opening weekend we did great. A limit each day for the three of us. I didn't make it out again (working weekends) until mid November for our SD trip. Three of us took 41 birds in five days. Had a great time. We seen over a thousand...
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    10 months of waiting

    Well after 10 months of waiting since our last SD trip it looks like this lovely storm will severely hamper it. My buddy's flight is scheduled to land at 10:40 tomorrow which seems to be near the brunt of the storm. Eureka SD also has warnings issued. Monday is supposed to be our travel...
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    Two weeks!!

    Two weeks from tomorrow we're heading to South Dakota for a "whole" week. Pretty damn excited. Among our group is my buddy since 4th grade. (I'm 47 now) He's been flying in from TN the last 5 years. Kicker is we come back Sunday and I leave the following weekend for Wisconsin deer opener. I...
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    protecting a dogs nose

    I'm wondering if anyone has a trick for protecting my yellow labs nose from rubbing raw and eventually bleeding while running through heavy cover? Thanks