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    Shooting percentage

    Pretty sure it's the same person.
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    Beretta A400 20ga Upland

    I bought and have hunted with the A400 Upland 12g and its awesome. Swings and shoots very well.
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    Why would you discourage anyone from getting a tattoo? If you don't like them then fine but there's no point in trying to force your personal opinions onto someone else.
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    Sharps and huns

    That looks to be a rooster not a sharpie. Did you post the wrong pic?
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    Shooting percentage

    Yeah I don't take the long shots anymore.. But I didn't have a clue what I was doing with that first rooster. Luckily enough we were able to find it.
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    What type of ideas are you looking for? I don't think anyone can give you a definitive answer as to why that area isn't producing birds as there's likely a number of different variables affecting them.
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    Today’s results

    You can definitely hear them moving if you're going slow enough. Sounds like something is rustling around in the grass. Anytime I'm driving I'm looking in the ditches looking for a head to pop up. Even if I can't shoot it, it's still fun to try and see how many you can find.
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    Shooting percentage

    Sometimes it doesn't matter how many shells I have in.. I can't hit anything. My SX4 will hold 4+1 2.75 shells. 2 years ago I shot my first rooster and I hit him on the 5th shot about 50 yards away.. I was hooked from then on.
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    Lead shells - completely out!

    I stocked up last month and got 10 boxes of 3" #5 Prairie Storm. Cabelas never has any stock but Scheels seems to.
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    No Federal Prairie Storm- Clear skies in MN

    I'm guilty of buying PS shells as I have 10 boxes in the office right now ready for the next couple of seasons. With that said, you are speaking as if what you are saying is factual. If so, I would assume you can provide evidence to show these loads are in fact better than the others? I would...
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    A Labrador Retriever Struggling Retrieving Birds (video) - Advice Appreciated

    I would have to agree with westbow in that I don't see where anyone was putting you down. Unfortunately there's no way to convey tone in a post and it's very easy to give a post a tone that wasn't intended. I believe anyone who posted a reply is only trying to help you but it is shocking to see...
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    Franchi Instinct L 12ga 26" Barrel

    I'd pm him your number instead of posting it on a public forum.
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    Today’s results

    Were you all on public land? How do 20 guys hunt with only 2 dogs?
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    What are your plans this year?

    Stay at home. Your life is worth more than any hunting trip.
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    Today’s results

    I was referring to the post that simply says "Hmmmm"