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    SD atlas- paper copy available?

    The GPS tracking still works as well.
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    Which type of public access lands do you target?

    I too killed plenty of birds all on public in 2019. To me the advice of being willing to move is very important. If I hunt a couple spots that look really good and don’t see much, I’m moving 20-30 miles. Last year, the first couple places we hunted a friend and I killed 4 birds and kept...
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    Which type of public access lands do you target?

    There are a few tracts of school land in SD that hold birds, but they are few and far between. One of the best hunts I have had was on school land in the snow. I don't go out of my way to go look at school land, but I do keep an eye on them as I drive by. You never know.
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    New strap vest

    Final Rise has a newish version of their vest out. It is a little cheaper than their main Summit version. I have the Summit and Love it. I use it for Quail, Pheasant, Dove, Crow, and Turkey hunting. Very versatile.
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    Hunting motivation

    Exactly, a lot of times there is only a strip of cover in a ditch (where legal) or a drainage in the middle of a corn field. There isn't much of a difference to me and If the birds are there, you might as well hunt it.
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    Let's talk spring turkey hunting

    Head to NW Oklahoma opening weekend, setup on a small food plot and wait for a Tom to come beat up my Jake decoy. One bird limit in Oklahoma this year, so will probably be a short turkey season.
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    South Dakota CREP

    I think that is last years update. I looked at my maps from last year and I have several marked that show to be "added" and the ones that are "deleted" are not shown. I'll be keeping an eye on it either way for new updates.
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    Bird Dog Bunkhouse 2022

    I would highly recommend Bobby's house. Stayed there the first couple years I hunted in SD and had a great time. I learned a lot about pheasant hunting listening to everyone and asking Bobby questions. Still talk to a couple of the guys that stayed there.
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    Grouse/Woodcock vs Pheasants

    I would go back to SD. The best advice for SD is to be willing to change areas. Bird numbers may not be great in one area, but 50-100 miles away they may be great. Plenty of birds on public, but they are smart. When I go by myself I expect to have an opportunity at a limit every day and when...
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    Home made video recommendations

    Another good one is Eric Forrester. Usually has hunts in Montana, Kansas, South Dakota and some state with chukar. I think he hunts all public land.
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    Home made video recommendations

    I’m always really impressed with Klaus, really enjoy his videos. Another good one is TRPLC COOP. Runs multiple GSP’s and has really good dog work.
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    January Solo Hunt

    I believe your math is incorrect. The cost per bird is $3 and the cost of a lifetime of memories is the rest.
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    Late Season Roosters Tactics

    Similar story from South Dakota, but in the morning. A friend and I pulled up to a large public area that has a bean field on the south side where 100-150 birds were feeding. I parked 3-400 yards from the field and we sat and watched all the birds feeding there from 9:15 until legal shooting...
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    The BEST upland hunting boot..?

    Which model of Crispi boots? I have a pair of Kennetrek Mountain Extremes that are going on 4 years old and are still in really good shape. I have put hundreds of miles on these boots and they should last several hundred more, I haven't even had to replace the laces yet.
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    Coldest hunt you've been on

    -16 out in the Oklahoma Panhandle. It actually wasn't as bad as I thought it would be once we starting walking, there wasn't any wind and the sun was shining. Booted the dog and put a vest on him and he was good to go.