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    Final Rise Upland Vest

    I had the browning vest before I bought the Final Rise and it worked for a couple years, but as I started seriously pheasant hunting the design was lacking in a couple areas. On the browning vest I absolutely hated that the water bottle holders were attached to the game pouch. If you didn’t...
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    Final Rise Upland Vest

    I bought one last year and loved it. I used it for dove, quail, pheasant, turkey and crow hunting last year. It is very well designed and keeps the weight on your hips. On longer pheasant hikes, I would carry 3 of the big water bottles and it still didn't weigh down the shoulder straps. I...
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    First time to SD - lots of questions...

    There are some public areas that don't require steel.
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    I'll still be making a few trips from Arkansas to hunt. If I can't find birds in areas I've hunted before, I'll just move to areas I've never hunted. Always an adventure.
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    Toms Henned Up

    When the birds are henned up, I try to call in the Boss Hen. Forget about the toms and try to get her fired up to come whip the new girl in town. The big boys will follow. Also, some birds want little to no calling, but others it takes a lot of calling to get them to come in. If you aren't...
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    Want a browning cynergy 20 ga or 12 ga !

    No, they don’t have an automatic reset.
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    Want a browning cynergy 20 ga or 12 ga !

    28 on both of mine.
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    Want a browning cynergy 20 ga or 12 ga !

    I bought a 20 gauge field for pheasant hunting this year and have had a 12 gauge waterfowl edition for a few years. I don't have any complaints and I shoot them really well.
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    Today’s results

    Finished up a great 4 days of hunting. Walked 9 miles for 4 birds yesterday and 6.5 miles today for our last 6 of the trip. Back in 2 weeks for my Dad’s first SD pheasant hunt!
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    Today’s results

    2 guys, 2 days, and 2 limits all on public. Walked 11 miles yesterday and only needed 7.3 today. 2 days to go and then headed home.
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    How-to Article

    I have hunted with the who Goldenboy is referring to and most days he doesn't get out until 11-12. Most days he is back before dinner with his 3 birds.. He knows how to find birds and doesn't miss very often.
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    2nd and Final Trip SD

    Just wrapped up my 2nd trip to South Dakota of the 2018-19 pheasant season. Myself and one friend stayed 4 days and had a blast. We hunted hard to get birds, but we are headed home with 24 pheasant and some sore legs and hips. This trip we found almost all the birds in the cattails, hence the...