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    Anyone interested in being part of a lease here in Montana?

    did you read the previous post I added, LOL? Why do so many people on the internet feel the need to anonymously nit pick others post....why do you think I care what your opinion is? Who are you, LOL.
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    Anyone interested in being part of a lease here in Montana?

    Exactly, I did not say pheasants did I?
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    Dogtra T&B Dual

    I replaced my old Dogtra T&B 2502 system with the new Dogtra T&B Dual system. I had the old 2502 for 7-8 years I am guessing. The new dual system is very similar to the old, with a couple nice exceptions. The new Dual system , first has separate controls for each training collar, no trying to...
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    Anyone interested in being part of a lease here in Montana?

    Anyone interested in partnering up for a bird, mule and whitetail deer and antelope lease here in Montana? I have found a 18,000 acre ranch west of Glasgow, great bird hunting, deer and antelope. I am most interested in the bird hunting aspect, may hunt the last week or so of deer season. Owner...
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    Come Prepared

    If heading this way for pheasant opener, come prepared, cold, snow on the ground, harvest has been miserable for farmers, with a lot of crops not harvested, please do not tear up the roads, they are already in tough shape with all the moisture we have seen this late summer and now early fall...
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    Anyway ......

    to get a commenting member checked by a Doc or some type of help? Reading one of his post today, sure makes it seem he is a few gallons short of a full tank.....:cool:
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    Bird numbers are down, but there are still elk!

    Been a pretty good year for elk here in Montana, archery season is open, friends who share lease with me here been dropping a few....
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    Last half of winter was miserable, then cool and wet during nesting and hatches. Looks bleak in NE Montana.....will no more after hay is cut, which is going slow, and when harvest begins in a week or so in some areas.
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    Montana warriors on the water veteran fishing trip

    This summer montana warriors on the water will host another great fishing trip in the middle of july for service members former and current. The mwotw facebook page has an application form that needs to be filled out asap. We start at hell creek, then boat across to ft peck marina for more...
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    Broken toggle dogtra 2502 t&b broken toggle

    Anyone have a broken toggle on the above collar and was able to repair without sending it in? Would like to hear if so and how, thanks.
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    Well, almost Christmans and Ft.Peck is still open.....

    Not all that unusual, had my pups sit still for a minute, and took this pic at the lake today....
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    Montana bow hunting lease 2019

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    The only good news to report.....

    Good news, we have had some decent moisture the past couple weeks, temps are also cooling off, reports of temps in the upper 20's in some places here in Montana. Bad news is bird numbers are still low, very low. I was over where I do most of my bird hunting, talking to folks I know and looking...
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    Combining has began

    Spoke to a good friend today, started picking peas, so combining has begun in the area of Montana I hunt. Crops are beginning to turn over, more folks will be starting in the next week or so. Should have an idea on broods on the ground in the next few weeks, but from talking to some farmers...
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    2nd Home, would you do it again?

    We are looking at a 2nd home, still here in Montana, but 350 miles away from where we currently live. Pretty sure it will become our primary home in 5-7 years. We spend quite a bit of time in the area, and have developed friendships with folks in the area of the new home, and one of those...