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    Southeast SD vs Iowa

    100% agree with water dog. I hardly ever have competition in SD on public land. Iowa I encounter other hunters at probably 80% of the spots I try.
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    How-to Article

    I have seen them escape under the road via sewer pipe.
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    Is SD shooting itself in the foot?

    I would gladly pay $25 for a habitat stamp. Especially if it is used to purchase more habitat. It saddens me to see post where people complain about SD declining bird numbers. Remember the ring neck pheasant is a non native species, it’s remarkable that it has thrived and continues to offer a...
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    SE Iowa help

    Hey guys I’m looking for motel recommendations for SE Iowa. Pet friendly, clean, decent food n drink near by. Preferably under $70 a night. Never been to Iowa other than passing thru on way to KS and SD hunting. Figured why not knock 8hrs driving out of the equation and spend that time in...
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    Have farmers started on beans?

    Just curious how things are shaping up. Thanks for any insight.
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    Just arrived in KS from South Carolina. Made the 19hr track to Milford. Did some pretty serious scouting out west of Clay Center. Not one rooster, stuck 2x!!!!! Managed to get out spent 2 miles in 4low but it was slippery. Talked to 2 game wardens they suggested we ride 2 hrs west to hunt...
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    Best vest and why?

    alright guys n gals. What is the best upland hunting vest and why? I usually spend 15 days a year in the fields chasing roosters, and a handful of days each year chasing ruffed grouse in the Michigan forest. I carry 1/2 box of shells with me, a garmin gps to track the dog. I am partial to a...
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    SC to ND hurricane evacuation

    Got to evacuate. I start vacation on 10-6-2016 and return to work on 11-3-2016. My son now 19 has vacation and was making his first trip out west to hunt pheasants. We were (are) planning on hunting SD for the first 5 days of the season. 10-15 thru 10-19. I along with my father have made...
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    Youth hunt reports

    Anyone have any? Or pics?
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    Well how has it been? How much snow is on the ground? How do you feel the birds have held up so far? I have checked in here and there the last month or so...but all I see is current temps and maybe the 5 day forecast. I don't know what conditions are on the ground. Just curious. Thanks...
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    cyber scouting

    I know I know I know, no need to beat me up. I'm coming blind, be there Saturday (Milford). I will be by myself, with my 3 yr old GSP. We tried to make the trip last January as some of you know but the night b4 leaving we had a house fire and lost everything but lives. We have since rebuilt...
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    1st 5 days of season trip report

    Day 1...Hunted south and west of Aberdeen at noon. All hunts all week were public hunting ground. All hunts were myself my father and 1 3yr old German Shorthair. Started fast with 3 hens flushed on the first point of the season just 3 minutes into the hunt. Hunt another 10 minutes and the...
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    SC to KS

    Same questions only 9.5 months later. Last January I wrote asking for advice/ what to expect in regards to hunting around the Manhattan area. Well as luck (god's plan) would have it I was awaken to the horrid sounds of my wife and son screaming get out, get out! My home was engulfed in flames...
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    Cyber scouting

    Guys I need some help. I have family in Hutchison, and a good friend stationed in Manhattan. I have never hunted Kansas, and have only seen KS from the highway near Kansas City on my way to SD. I am thinking hard about coming out next week just the dog and I. My buddy will take leave and...
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    Best Upland boots

    Alright guys I need some opinions. I blew my Irish Setters out last fall and need to get a new pair of kicks for the upcoming season. A little bit of info to help paint the picture. 1st the boots will start the season out in the South Carolina dove fields. Then they will travel north the 1st...