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  • I met Kyle one time on public land. He was with his GF dad. They are good people. I'm assuming you're Austin?
    If you ever want to make a trip down to the Ames area for a weekend, or Mason City like you were planning let me know. I would love to tag along, I've got a pretty good grasp of most the public ground around. I saw you on Facebook as one of Kyle Barry's friends, I would assume you hunt with him? I had talked to him a couple times about maybe coming down hunting for a weekend.
    I took some friends up to Tanglewood preserve in Wisconsin. We seen some birds, we shot 5. Could have had about 9 or so. My dog decided to run a little bit and kicked a couple up way ahead of us.
    My name is Kris Anstiss. I am from Michigan, I moved to Davenport 2-1/2 years ago for my engineering job. I then moved to Dubuque for a new job within Deere. I have lived out here for a year now.
    Mason City isn't too far from Ames, I have heard good things about the area. I would assume the bird numbers are probably pretty good around that area becasue it is about an hour or so north of Ames and from talking to the DNR around here they said the numbers are better North of Ames. Hampton area I have hunted and is about half an hour south of Mason City. Tons of public ground and saw pretty good numbers in that area. If you don't mind, what is your name? Good chance I might know you from Dubuque.
    Have you hunted up near mason city at all? I have a friend out that way I may stay at his house and hunt around there one weekend.
    Thanks for the tips! We're planning a hunt to spirit lake during our Christmas shutdown. Hoping to go 28-30th or so.
    The ground around Farley is where I hunted over break and shot one but saw quite a few hens like you. If you can head any farther west and get around I-35 numbers are so much better. Just hunted a piece of public ground in story county tonight without my dog and put up 25 birds in under 2 hours.
    That was at Ringneck Ridge which is south of Dyersville. I have been hunting the land just south of Farley the past few weekends and have seen quite a few hens and 1 rooster on 2 of the trips. The rooster in both instances wild flushed. I am considering a trip up near strawberry point this weekend. Just trying to get my
    Dog on birds.
    I saw in one of your older posts that you hunt the Dubuque County Area. I am from that area but go to school at Iowa State right now. Was curious to what ground you said you flushed that rooster at before the season. I have only been out on the public ground around that area a couple of times this season as I focus most of my hunts around the Ames area, but seem to have seen a few more than you are. Just curious what areas you are hunting.
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