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    How to judge a good bird dog?

    we will have to wait until we're in heaven with them to get that answer- but what a great question, id like to know what they think of me as a hunter
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    Chief upland vest

    i am 6'6 205#- there is plenty of adjustments to get it to fit your height. my wife is 5'3 125# and i can actually adjust it down to fit her half decent- i have been using my Bird n Lite XL/XXL for 10 years. it has done me well but was starting to fall apart specifically the shell pockets and...
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    Chief upland vest

    the dogs were beat- put on quite a few miles in the snow that afternoon in a short amount of time. LOL
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    Chief upland vest

    I just received my Chief upland before Christmas - I have only had the chance to take it out one time so far- it is extremely customizable- Almost too much- I can’t decide where I want all of the stuff and what setting I want the side straps on- I have a lot of first aid stuff that I carry in...