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  • Chad, we spent about an hour today, no luck.If we get some rain sunday,and after the freeze passes,maybe on Wednesday, they should be up.

    Morels spotted/harvested near Hutch and Lawrence over the past couple days! Let me know when you start finding them if you would. I won't be able to make it down, but I've found that I need to take a day off about 5-7 days after you start picking.

    I have located some birds, but it would be quite a drive for you. If you decide it's worth the drive/$ and want to come, I'd happily take you guys out!

    Send me a PM when you get time detailing your quail hunting experiences of the season if you don't mind. I've been wondering how it is down there. I've heard from a couple ppl it's pretty decent again. Any truth to that?
    message too long my...

    Sorry I never made it down to turkey hunt. We let youth sports get the best of us for awhile there. We've left soccer, took a break from wrestling and boxing, and I'm only coaching 1 baseball team now. So long as I don't commit to anything stupid next spring, I may actually be able to make the trip finally.

    It's too bad you're so far south. I ain't tellin' nobody, but the quail are doing well here (or so it seems). I also believe the pheasants in Washington/Clay/Cloud county will do okay. Of course it's nothing like Dodge in a good year, but IMO, the combination hunts are better up there on any given year anyway.

    Well, I probably better get back to work. Thanks for thinking of me/us!!

    Life has been treating us well, Sir. Thank you for asking!

    The birds around dads are worse than he's 'ever seen'. No kidding, that's exactly what he told me. He said when he was cutting that he went through field after field w/o seeing a bird, but that they do still exist b/c he'd seen 'a couple'. Hopefully a few dove are out there this season b/c I don't think I'll be using the place for pheasants, which is a real bummer.
    Dad said there are very few birds. He also said there is very little cover, so we should be able to find the 2 roosters that do reside in Pawnee county. You take one, I'll take the other. Seriously, it's gonna be tough. I'm hunting about 1hr NW of my house for the opener. We'll probably get a limit of quail on the opener and I expect to shoot 2 roosters. I have no idea what the rest of the season will bring, but I did just get some new access in Rooks county. Maybe there will be a few birds there. Let me know what you decide on the opener. I may end up going up by Concordia if anyone shows interest, but Concordia isn't nearly as good as Dodge on a normal year.
    Ha! We met here on another opener super early in the AM. Too bad we don't live a tad closer together. My dear Joules is dying as we speak. I got most of the crying out of the way yesterday, but there's a bit more to come. Made me think of your old dog. Is he getting out with you this AM? Pet him twice for me and good luck this morning!!
    Hey, I wanted to say hi and thank you for letting me hunt with you guys...I really enjoyed it. I'd love to do it again...I'd walk through chest high grass with you and your boys anytime! Hopefully Freckles will be ready next time too. I will definitely make a habit out of hunting in KS, at least once a year. Thanks again,


    and Freckles
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