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    Is anyone using probiotics for your dogs? My lab has had loose stools ever since he was a pup. I have tried switching diets and had tests done on him and nothing shows up or helps. Just wondering if probiotics might help.
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    Lab trainer N.E. Oklahoma

    I'm looking for a trainer for my lab pup near northeast Oklahoma. Not really interested in making a trial dog out of him just a good hunting dog. Any recommendations?
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    Okie's find birds

    We arrived in Kansas yesterday and by the time we got situated got out for some late afternoon scouting and to let the dlbs stretch their legs. First place we decided to stop a big covey erupts from the ditch before we could get out. We got out and only saw 1 single as the others must have flew...
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    Hello from NE Oklahoma

    Hello, I've been reading this forum for quite a while. i really enjoy the bantering that goes on. I've got 2, 5yr old GSP males and enjoy getting them out whenever I can. We're heading to KS later this year even though the reports are not good, following a couple of dogs is about as relaxing...