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    Sending dog for training

    REALLY??? YOUR SERIOUS?? GOOD LORD!! So if he threw the dog a raw t-bone he would avoid it?
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    Sending dog for training

    Jmo— Had very nice 2 year old yellow female with me 6 weeks for training and pheasant introduction in S.D. this year—dog very attached to it’s family. ‘Bonded with me after a few days—(I brought her home a week before leaving to give her a chance to become comfortable with me”) She was with me...
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    Add it now -or if your like me—-“some point” will come after you’ve locked yourself out some where— the other side of no where😳🤬 I have the Expedition with key pad—Put after market pad on wife’s Honda Pilot—works ok-
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    How to judge a good bird dog?

    There it is guys—laid out perfectly X10
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    Which upland semi-auto for pheasant?

    Have many shotguns including some doubles -and autos- ‘Heaven forbid that a person could only have one -for upland-IT WOULD BE A BENELLI ULTA LIGHT
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    How to judge a good bird dog?

    JMO BUT— I believe you above posters are missing one of the great joys of dog ownership—the training -and time spent with your dogs -watching them progress—as well as you— into becoming a first rate-hunter-companion—and possibly even a competitor in one of the competitions AGAIN just my...
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    Leather Prong Collar tighntness

    Agree 100%.
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    Unfriendly Kansas. What's happened here?

    You sure have a lot of information as down right factual——without actually being there!!! But of course no story ever gets bigger and better with each telling😕?? But help us out here—they had permission to hunt— from a dead or alive land owner ?however when officer checked with the dead or...
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    Chilled out hunting friend

    I’m a cousin of goose-???? Good god!! But does remind me of many years ago serving arrest warrants in the Minneapolis area— ‘Had confirmed the person we wanted was home by having a dispatcher with a very nice/sexy voice call and vamp him knocking on door person appeared but would not come to...
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    Checking the dogs' eyes?

    I always carry saline solution In my kit to flush out eyes at end of day if necessary after checking—
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    First Trip to SD

    Been pulling-driving-some kind of a rv out there for over twenty five years. Unless you have a tow vehical along you may be seriously limited on the roads you find passable that time of year—may want to take water jugs along in case you get into severe cold weather-And freeze up or drain your...
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    Nebraska Outfitter

    If it was 6 years ago I still may of had some previous commitments from other clients that I had to honor— but after getting to know the Kubiks no longer go anywhere else-to great there ‘But Jack and have become very good friends and work Together whenever possible- ‘Anyway looking forward to...
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    Nebraska Outfitter

    OKAY!!OKAY!! I was joking about the handsome devil—But not the dogs!
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    Nebraska Outfitter

    Chessie— Looking forward to seeing you there!! When you were there were you by chance guided by a handsome devil 👿 with two beautiful yellow labds😳?
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    Nebraska Outfitter

    Just in case you want to travel about 75 north of Newport is Winner and I would recommend Antler Ridge Lodge — Family owned and run-First class operation—Land-birds-and great guides and wonderful dogs😀 Just to let you know I guide and have dogs😃😈